What is Taekwondo?

Tae = strike with the foot
Kwon = strike with the fist
Do = Way or Path

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and arguably the most popular martial art in the United States. It emphasizes kicking as the leg is the longest and strongest tool the martial artist has readily available. Speed, endurance, grace, and flexibility are all of supreme benefit to a Taekwondo artist.

The four major aspects of the study of Taekwondo are forms, sparring, and self-defense.

Forms (or “poomsae“) provide a focus for developing precision, coordination, personal harmony, and control. Sparring (or “gyeorugi“) is the competitive application of the principles, where one martial artist competes with another. Sparring is valued for its exciting competition, discipline, sportsmanship, cooperation, and ultimate respect of fellow martial artists and human beings. Finally, Taekwondo is an excellent vehicle for learning self-defense. Not only does Taekwondo teach its students how to physically defend against attackers and end a violent confrontation, but gives students the self-confidence and wisdom to avoid dangerous situations.

As both sport and art, Taekwondo provides enrichment to all types of people and lifestyles.



At Black Eagle Martial Arts, Taekwondo is practice in the World Taekwondo Federation style. This is the same style used in the Olympics and all over the world.